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To celebrate the launch of Dyslexicdayna x Socolo collection we have created a three part interview series where we delve into the stories behind some select pages in the Dyslexicdayna planner. Last up in this series, doodling pages.

Pink doodling page

Socolo: So Dayna, tell us a little about this page of the planner and why you wanted to include it?

Dayna: A lot of neurodivergent and disabled people struggle with organisation (for many reasons), particularly remembering appointments. Therefore, we wanted the planner to have a tool that could support this. Many studies have proven the relationship between free drawing and active memory recall; meaning one is more likely to remember something important if that individual was doing something moderately stimulating at the time such as doodling. Also, the planner will hopefully be used daily and therefore the user is likely to flip past that page therefore it acts as a visual reminder. It’s something I have personally done for a long time, I often rip the page out and stick it on the fridge (haha). However, it should be noted that we struggle for a reason so don’t beat yourself up if you still forget- we still have a recognised disability at the end of the day and this planner is here to support you not cure you, because who would want that anyway? Not me.

Text messages showing that Dayna missed a meeting.

Dayne making a comical stressed face about forgetting a meeting

We really hope you enjoyed this series! We’d love to hear your thoughts on these pages and how you use them or interpret them! Follow us on social media @dyslexicdayna #planwithdayna

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