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To celebrate the launch of the Dyslexicdayna x Socolo collection we have created a three-part interview series where we delve into the stories behind some select pages in the Dyslexicdayna planner. Second up in this series is the colouring page, "Disability is like the Ocean".

an illustration of waves, bubbles, and boats on an ocean.

Socolo: Tell us a little about this page of the planner and why you wanted to include it?

Dayna: It’s really difficult to explain the experience of disability and often when I’ve tried people just think I am making up excuses or embellishing or de-embellishing for ‘dramatic effect’. In actuality, the experience of disability is not linear and there are many environmental factors that impact how I experience disability day to day. I’ve always related my experience of disability to the ocean. The ocean has external factors that affect its mood (sort of speak)- whether it's the weather, moon placement or the earth shifting below. Likewise, I'm affected by my environmental factors; how much sleep I got the night before?, my life circumstances, the season and what is required of me that particular day (Do I need to get a bus today?). Meaning some days I don’t feel my disability as much and other days I really do meaning my needs fluctuate. Therefore, I wanted a page in the planner that reflected this metaphor and this experience as a whole, so myself and Chantal (Founder of Socolo) designed this colouring page. Also, every person who uses this planner will colour it in differently and once again this is a strong metaphor about how everyone’s experience of disability and neurodivergences are different. 

Dayna standing on the end of a peer. What water is still and you can see the reflections of the sky in the water.

Thank you Dayna! I might steal that metaphor!

Please do!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this and how you’ve coloured in this page! Tag us on social media @dyslexicdayna #planwithdayna

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