Welcome To Socolo.

Creativity is not bound by lines and order, its a celebration of the beautifully messy. Through Socolo, I hope to inspire people to get messy and be wildly creative. Join me on my creative journey while I splash in colour. 

Whether you are pushing the envelope or looking to leave your mark, remember...

Perfection is overrated. 

How it started...

Hi, I’m Chantal! Founder of Socolo. 

My journey as a creative has been as diverse and dynamic as the mediums I explore. With a degree in Graphic Design and Media from the London College of Communication, my academic background laid a solid foundation for my artistic exploration.

My work…

My work is an eclectic mix of painting (primarily in acrylics, pencil, and oil pastel), sculpture, and poetry, often incorporating found objects. I thrive in the realm of mixed media, with my creations frequently embodying elements of experience and protest.

Refusing to be confined to a single medium or style, I embrace the title of a creative first and foremost. My artistry manifests in various forms, from audiovisual to painting, sculpture, writing, animation, performance art, and installations.

Hands flipping through a blue paper socolo A5 notebook at a wooden desk.

Creative flow...

Personal challenges have shaped my artistic voice. Dyslexia and Irlen Syndrome have given me a unique perception of colour and light, while burnout compelled me to re-evaluate and return to my true passion—art. These experiences, combined with the storytelling skills honed in design, fuel my creative process.

Meditation, nature, and intuition are integral to my practice, helping me maintain a flow of creativity. They guide me in listening to my artwork, understanding its desired form and narrative.

How It’s Going…

I have showcased my work at notable venues, including the No Format Gallery in May and December 2023. My volunteer experiences across the globe, ranging from design workshop assistance to set design for festivals, have enriched my perspective and skills.

I’ve been able to work with some incredible people to do some incredible things, such as create and host World Unmasking Day, part take in Middlesex University's inclusive career fair, and speak to audiences at UAL and Enterprise Nation.

Where I'm headed!

As an artist, my goal is to create authentically for myself, free from the pressures of social media and societal expectations.

Collaboration is a key aspect of my work—I am a dreamer who thrives on collective creativity. In my art, I find beauty in imperfection—the irregular strokes, scribbles, smudges, and rough edges.

For me, art is not about achieving perfection but about embracing and expressing the raw, unfiltered essence of creativity.

Meet the Team

Chantal Gagnon

Founding Director and Artist



Social Media Manager, PR, and Sales