Art by ChantalG

Painter, Sculpter, Poet, Creative

In the shadowed depths of her mind, she walked alone, grappling with a silent storm that threatened to engulf her world in endless night.

Electric grey
Alphabet aerobics cause
thumbs to blister 
No need for a quarter

While I grew 
in the belly she 
Rested the controller on
She’s crowned Tetris champion

Young offspring hunt ducks
On a king sized bed, 
NES essary 
when the queen paints her face

Aladin fights for his princess
In basement forts
Tossed apples
Scrolls of super codes

Santa is here
Over the Rainbow road
Friends and neighbors
A collective 64

Wii play living room 
May the best 
Family win

Sold out luck
Switch on the charm 
just the magic needed
to give breath to Zelda

plastic loaded
with history, his story 
forming memories of delight
From zeros and ones

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Trapped in the labyrinth of her own thoughts, she faced the specter of her fears, a relentless pursuer in the echoing corridors of uncertainty, only able to unlock the doors when she chose love.



In the garden, where discord's vines entwine,
Let us cultivate the olive - all around - not just in a line,
In every seed we sow
Serenity's dove shall glow

Beneath the cosmos' veil, where silent struggles drift,
Ignite hope's lanterns, in minds agile and swift.
Where turbulent rivers dissent forcefully,
Yet the lotus bloom, calm and peacefuly.

Compose in life's symphony, a melody of repose,
While unity dances, let a peaceful ethos compose.
Amidst the clamor, let's find a voice,
That sings of love, a better choice.

Transforming the shears of anger in empathy's alchemical surge.
On time's vast canvas, compassion's seedlings emerge,
Choosing love over fear
The pathway to peace is clear. 

In our celestial odyssey, aligning stars of hope and fate,
To cultivate a portal to the 5th dimension state.
Let peace be the constellation guiding our return to love.
Creating harmony from the soil to above.

Staring at the blank canvas, she found herself in a desert of creativity, where ideas once flowed like rivers now lay barren under the unyielding sun of expectation.

Clarissa Pinkola Estés

An Artist is an Artist before they have ever produced a single thing.

An Artist is an Artist no matter what. The production of something is not what makes a body an a artist. It’s the soul that makes the artist. The Center of the psyche that fills the person, the creative fire inside a person that makes them an artist. If a person has the soul of an artist, that is they have the fire, the burning, as each and every individual does, then they are an artist. They are intitled to the title of artist. We are all intitled to the title of artist before we have produced a single thing.

- The Creative Fire

Curriculum Vitae

London, England
No Format Galery
Painting Open

London, England
No Format Galery
Drawing Open

London, England
UAL: London Collage of Communication
Grad Show

London, England
Business Design Centre
Student Design Show

London, England
Workshop Assistant

Vancouver, BC, Canada
Doogle Images
Model & Photographer Assistant

San Francisco, CA, USA
Intervention Week
Gorilla planting all over the city

London, England
JB Shehan Photography
Model & Wardrobe Assistant

Edmonton, AB, Canada
Freewill Shakespeare Festival

Edmonton, AB, Canada
Serca Festival of Irish Theatre

2009 - 2010
Edmonton, AB, Canada
SEE Magazine
Journalist, Photographer, My Look Column, Runner, Assistant

Edmonton, AB, Canada
Edmonton Fashion Week
Hair Model

October 2012 – August 2015
London, England
University of the Arts London: London College of Communication
(BA) Graphic & Media DesignBachelor of Arts Degree with First Class Honours

September 2011 – April 2012
San Francisco, California, United Sites of America
California Collage of Art
Second Year of Bachelor of Design, majoring in Graphic Design

September 2010 – August 2011
London, England
Cavendish College
Professional Diploma in Communications Design

September 2009 - June 2010
Edmonton, Canada
University of Alberta
Industrial Design