We Love Our Planet

At Socolo, we are committed to caring for our planet and we are continually working on ways to improve our sustainability. We’re proud that we…

Monitor our supply chain

We are proud to be a British company and work predominantly with local and national suppliers. All our products are printed right here in England and designed in our South East London studio. You can count on us to only use paper that is FSC certified. FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council and they look after our world’s forests. This means our paper is sustainable and eco-friendly, coming from responsibly sourced forests.

Find out more about the FSC here

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse

We’re working to reduce waste and the consumption of resources as much as we can. We ensure all unavoidable waste, such as clippings, is recycled, reused, recovered or disposed of responsibly, and work with printers who do the same. 

Our office is vegan. Meaning for any events we host, or company provided meals, we do not use any animal products. 

The printing process

The printers we use are very eco conscious and are continually improving their ecological footprint. They do alcohol free printing, or more specifically waterless printing, and chemistry free plate making to reduce the emissions of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and the amount of chemicals that are generated and require disposal under the Hazardous Waste Act. They also use vegetable oil based inks that do not release VOC’s as they are drying, which is a good thing!

Plastic Packaging Free

We use recyclable and biodegradable alternatives such as packing chips made from natural corn starch, compostable peel and seal bags, paper padded envelopes and tissue paper. We encourage you to reuse or recycle any outer packaging you receive from us. 

Continuously improve what we do

We set and monitor environmental objectives and targets, as well as, continually strive to improve what we are doing. If you have any ideas, we’d love to hear from you! Please feel free to email us at