The Benefits of Using a Handwritten Thank-You Note

The Benefits of Using a Handwritten Thank-You Note

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In today's digital age, it's easy to send a quick email or text message to express gratitude. But there's something special about receiving a handwritten thank-you note – it shows effort and thoughtfulness that an electronic message just can't match but many neurodivergent folk struggle to put pen to paper; wether it’s the art of writing itself or knowing how to articulate and express gratitude but before we get into that and offer some tips, let’s discuss the benefit and impact of  using a handwritten thank-you note:

Personal touch

A handwritten thank-you note is a more personal way to express gratitude. It shows that you took the time to sit down and write a message specifically for the recipient, rather than sending a mass-produced email or text.

Thoughtful gesture

Receiving a handwritten thank-you note is a thoughtful gesture that can brighten someone's day. It's a small but meaningful way to show that you appreciate someone's actions or kindness. In a world full of war and injustice it’s important to say thank you to those performing small acts of kindness, it might just be what that person ends to receive.

Lasting impact

A handwritten thank-you note is something that can be kept and treasured for years to come, I still have many of the ones given to me in a shoe box under my bed, every spring cleaning I smile.  It's a physical reminder of the gesture or occasion that inspired the note, and it can be reread and appreciated over and over again.


In a world where we are constantly bombarded by electronic communication, a handwritten thank-you note can help to create a deeper connection with the recipient. It shows that you value the personal touch and are willing to make an effort to communicate in a more meaningful way.


In a professional setting, a handwritten thank-you note can be a powerful way to show appreciation and establish good relationships. It can set you apart from others and demonstrate your professionalism and attention to detail.

Before wrap up this post, we want to offer three tips so you can say thank you to those most important both in a professional and personal sense: 

Tip one: Plan it! 

It seem silly to plan something so small but it will put you at ease! Grab one of our coloured pads for visual comfort (link and answer the following questions: 

  1. Write the person same [insert name])
  2. In one sentence explain what this person has done that requires thanking (thank you for [insert yours here] eg. supporting my wild idea of running a marathon)
  3. one once sentence explain how it make you feel. (It made me feel [insert yours here] eg. supported and strong]   
  4. write your name [insert your name] 

Tip two: Personalise it!

Don’t be afraid to add a sticker or a little drawing, it’s these touches that make it extra personal! (Did we mention, we sell stickers? (

Tip three: deliver in person!

Often words evade up, so whilst the note be simple giving it in person can add something really special to the moment, grab a coffee as an extension of your gratitude. Take the time to slow down and appreciate the small meaningful moments.  

In short, there are many benefits to using a handwritten thank-you note. So next time you want to express gratitude, consider taking the time to write a thoughtful, handwritten note. It's a small but meaningful gesture that can make a big impact.

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