Meet Sophie Strawbridge - Social Media Manager & Content Creator

Meet Sophie Strawbridge - Social Media Manager & Content Creator

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Sophie with blond hair, sitting on a pink couch, with her legs crossed. She is look directly into the camera and is smiling with her head resting on her hand.
Socolo: Hi Sophie. Thank you for speaking with us today. Please tell us a bit about yourself? 

Sophie Strawbridge: Thank you for having me! I guess the important things to know about me is that I love dogs (especially rescues), nature, yoga, and drinking tea. Growing up, I’ve lived in both the North and the South of the U.K, and I spent quite a bit of time visiting the U.S as a teen/ young adult, which is probably why I get itchy feet if I stay in one place for too long... I recently became a freelance content creator and I am loving it so far.  

S: What led to your current practice of content creation?

SS: I managed a social media account for a company for about a year, on top of other admin and customer service tasks I was responsible for. I quickly came to realise that my favourite days in the office were the ones where I could take pictures, create digital posts and film/ edit together reels, so I started making more content for myself, and eventually started working with other brands, which has been very exciting!

S: Were there other outlets in which you would channel your creativity through before immersing yourself in social media content creation?

SS: Yes. Since childhood, I have cycled through painting, drawing, knitting, general arts and crafts etc. Through the pandemic I did a lot of puzzles, and I like to move my furniture around a LOT.  


S: What is your favourite part of being a content creator?

SS: It just gives me such a buzz. My favourite part is probably when I make content for a brand or business and they love it and get excited to post it.

S: You helped on the Dyslexicdayna x Socolo collaboration launch. What did you do to prepare for the shoot or social media strategy or content creation?

SS: So we all hopped on a call and discussed the general vibe and aesthetic the shoot was going to be, and from that I was able to think “okay what can I contribute?” and the answer was capturing the process and the FUN of the shoot so that Chantal and Dayna could be present and focus on getting the shots they needed for the campaign with the photographer.


S: Can you share with us your favourite moments from the shoot/launch?

SS: It was so much fun. All of us got along so well, so that just created such a relaxed environment, which we all know is a great stimulant for creativity (along with all the coffee we drank).

S: What is your favourite post you made for the collaboration and why?

SS: I’m a sucker for a good transition, so we have an outfit transition video coming that I just find very satisfying to watch.

S: As some people may already know, the inspiration behind the collaboration shoot was “A Day in the Life of Dayna”, but it was not just any particular day, it was a Tuesday. A day that you and Dayna meet up for tea. Can you tell us a bit about your friendship and how you support each other on your journeys?

SS: We’ve been friends for over 9 years. And through that she’s been my constant. We’ve lived together, we’ve seen each other through mental health difficulties, break-ups, career changes, and so on… So it has brought me a lot of joy seeing her in her element, being a voice for the Neurodivergent Community. I still remember the day she was told she was Dyslexic (we were 16), and I wish I could show that girl what she would go on to achieve. She has been my biggest source of support in my journey to finding a career that I love, and I try to be that for her as well. I just believe in her so much. ANYWAY, I could go on and on. Yes, most Tuesdays we’ll meet up, have a cup of tea or go for a beach walk, and talk about everything and nothing. It’s really nice because we both know that we won’t always live in the same town (or country), so we’re enjoying seeing each other regularly (and helping each other shoot content) while we can.

S: Which social media channels do you recommend for content creators or businesses and why?

SS: I believe in a blended approach between TikTok and Instagram. TikTok is great for throwing your thoughts and idea’s out to a wide audience, and Instagram is great for nurturing your community/ clients and creating a really strong brand image through your content strategy.

S: Which social media tools do you use?

SS: Big lover of Canva (aren’t we all?). I use Google Docs/ Sheets for everything. InShot for video editing. And for planning, I’m a notepad-and-pen kinda girl ;)

S: How should people deal with negative comments?

SS: Feel your feelings. If you’re angry or upset, let yourself feel that fully, and the feeling will dissipate much faster. But DO NOT reply whilst you’re feeling your feelings. If you want to respond at all, you have to do it when you’re calm and can think objectively.

S: What is the most important thing a content creator should be doing?

SS: Having. Fun. If you’re not making content because you enjoy it, THAT is when you need to work with a Content Creator. We love it, and we make high-quality content because of it!

S: How does your content creation work complement the works of those who you capture for social media?

SS: If I have one overarching aim in all of this, it’s to bring feelings of warmth, support, and positivity to social media platforms. I love making content for other people as a way of supporting them on their journey. For example, all the candid moments you see from the shoot are genuine moments. You’re seeing Dayna as she is in real life. And she didn’t have to set up a camera and hope to capture something “candid”, because I was there, and I knew when to pick up the camera. 

S: How would you describe your personal social media style/aesthetic?

SS: I love the ocean, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, rain… so I’m very into blue’s and greens (impatiently waiting for Spring). I’m also big on Self Care and being kind to yourself. So I’d say it’s a chill, happy vibe. 

@soph.strawbridge never stop getting to know yourself 🫶 some of my favourite ways to do this are journaling, listening to podcasts about self-discovery and opening myself up to new experiences (meeting new people, trying new hobbies etc.) #selfcare #selfdevelopment #mindset #ugc ♬ Happiest Year - Jaymes Young
S: What content creators inspire you? 

SS: At the moment I’m loving @HerSpeakingCoach. Annelise is an energy queen, and every time I see her content on my feed, it makes me happy and hypes me up. 

S: Who would you love to work with in the future? What are some of your creative goals?

SS: I want to make content that makes people happy to be scrolling. I want to work with brands that have a positive impact on people. What I would love to do, would be to work with people/ start-up brands that think they aren’t creative enough to make content for social media, and show them that they can. Because everyone has value. 

S: How would you describe your creative process? 

SS: It is not organised. It is completely go-with-the-flow. I will be showering or cleaning and then the inspiration hits and next thing I know I’m on the beach filming content.

S: What are the classic social media errors that you see people make?

SS: Honestly, we’re all making errors. It’s part of the process. The algorithm is growing and changing faster than a newborn baby! We’re all just trying to keep up.

S: If you were to give our audience one tip about growing an engaged following, what would it be?

SS: I’m not an authority on this, because I’m very much trying to grow an engaged following myself. But the approach I’m taking is to let people get to know who I am and what I stand for. If that aligns with them, then great! 

S: Do you have any new projects in the works? What's next for you?

SS: I’ve worked with some really lovely brands since becoming a freelance content creator back in October, such as skincare, activewear, clothing, and wellness brands. I definitely want to work with some more Self Care based brands, because I genuinely believe in it as a practice. I’m actually moving to London next month and I have a few projects lined up that I’m really excited about. 

S: Please let people know what you're doing and where they can find you.

SS: You can find me on Instagram & TikTok @soph.strawbridge. But I’m definitely more active on Instagram at the moment.


@soph.strawbridge Heavy rain 🌧 Cup of tea ☕️ Good book 📖 #lifestylevlog #naturevlog #rainyday #cosyvibes ♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim


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