Neurodivergent Birthday Tips

Neurodivergent Birthday Tips

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In Dayna's blog post on her neurodivergent birthday experience this year, she gave an inside look at the pressures and desires she feels on her birthday. She shared some of the things she has tried to create balance and get more enjoyment out of her celebration. 

Here is a list of tips we have created to help make neurodivergent birthdays more enjoyable. As always, give the tips that interest you a try or whatever resonates with you and leave the rest. 

Let us know in the comments what works for you and what doesn't and any other tips you think should be added to the list. 


  • Ask people to call or email their birthday wishes a few days before or after your birthday, but not on the day
  • Figure out if it is more aligned with your needs and joy to have a one big birthday with many friends, or do have multiple one-to-one dinners/ hangouts
  • Plan breaks into your special day
  • Go on a mini holiday. People can’t ask much of you if you are away. Take a day trip to your favourite spot that you have been wanting to visit.
  • Remember that your limits are your limits. Plan phrases ahead of time so that you can confidently establish your boundaries.
  • Do what’s actually comfortable and enjoyable to you
  • Tell people you will open/read the card at home

From Socolo and Dyslexicdayna, we wish you a Happy Birthday!

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