World Unmasking Day

World Unmasking Day

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Hiding who you are is an uncomfortable and exhausting experience. For many neurodivergent people, that experience is a daily reality.

That is why, on 25th of May, Armelle from @girlswithdyslexia and Chantal from are launching World Unmaking Day. We are asking everyone with neurodiveristies to unmask for the day.

Our mission is to raise awareness about how hard neurodivergent people work to integrate into a neurotypical world.

We hope to raise awareness of masking, its consequences on mental health, the need for more inclusivity, as well as encouraging people to give unmasking try within their comfort zone. 

On the day, Armelle & Chantal will present Tiktok and Instagram livestreams, as well as post collaborations, Q&As and more. We would love for you to join us for a live stream or make a post on unmasking and include the hashtag #WorldUnmaskingDay.

How to join in:

You have the option of participating as little or as much as you choose. We want individuals to feel comfortable, as we appreciate the vulnerability that comes with unmasking.

World Unmaking Day is taking place for the first time this year, and we need your support to raise awareness. If you could inform your followers, friends, family, colleges, school mates, and others that World Unmasking Day exists and that it takes place on the 25th of May. It would be extremely helpful in turning this into an annual event and bringing about positive change. Encourage everyone to take part and use the hashtag #WorldUnmaskingDay.

Here are some ways to get involved:

Participation is very flexible and completely up to your comfort level.

Start a conversation

Start a conversation about masking and unmasking with your friends, family, coworkers, and classmates.


Consider how you could be masking and how you might unmask. What are your thoughts on masking and unmasking? How does it make you feel?

At work or school

Inform your company or school that you will be participating in World Unmasking Day. You can send them a link to this article so that they can learn more about it. 

For the day, change your email signature. You may use this template or create your own:

I'm celebrating World Unmasking Day today. Please bear with me while I take today off from masking my neurodiversity. Today, I'm letting my genuine self shine, and I appreciate your support.

On social media

If you feel comfortable to do so, please share a post or story on masking and use #WorldUnmakingDay


  • How masking or unmasking has affected you
  • How you tend to mask
  • The extremes you go to to mask or the energy you put into masking
  • Masking and mental health
  • The joys of unmasking
  • How you unmasked on World Unmasking Day
  • Reflect on your day of unmaskings
  • Stitch or duet one of the or @girlswithdyslexia Reel or TikToks by clicking here, here, and here. 

    Tiktok and Instagram Livestreams

    Join us on Instagram or Tiktok for one of our lives. Please contact us via email if you would like to be a guest. Alternatively, be in attendance and ask guests question or simply listen in. On 25th of May, there will be numerous intriguing speakers. Our schedule is available here, and it is updated frequently with new sessions, so keep an eye on it.

    If you are not neurodivergent 

    • Demonstrate how you support the neurodivergent individuals in your life.
    • Show how neurotypical people can support neurodivergent people unmasking. 

    There are so many different ways to participate, including many more than I have described here. Do what feels comfortable to you and have fun. 

    To find out more about masking, check out this blog post here. 

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