Introducing Dayna Halliwell - Dyslexicdayna

Introducing Dayna Halliwell - Dyslexicdayna

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Dayna making a funny face with sticker on her cheeks. She is wearing a colourful jumper, fluffy earrings and there are bubbles flying around her.


My name is Dayna Halliwell, you may better know me as Dyslexicdayna on TikTok or Instagram. I am a disabled actor, writer, theatre practitioner/maker and online content creator. I have a BA (HONS) in Acting and a Masters degree in disability in the arts. I have been working professionally for the past five years on a range of creative projects. My work tackles political and social issues by using creative engagement on a community level.


@dyslexicdayna POV: POV: you have a hidden disability and you’re getting on the bus (the amount of times I have fallen) #disabilty #dyspraxia #disabiltyawareness ♬ original sound - Dayna


In 2021, I began to film, edit and upload comedy sketches online using TikTok to theatrically depict my unique dyslexic and disabled experience with the aim of highlighting the fundamental issues not only in the education system but in society; particularly towards those with disabilities and difficulties. In less than a year I have grown a community of over 100,000 people!


@dyslexicdayna Why did they have to make it so obvious? #foryou #Dyslexiapov #fyp #schoolpov #accessneeds #dyslexia ♬ original sound - Dayna


I have an incredible passion for social media and its amplification of repressed voices and stories, as well as believe it is a valuable tool in the disabled and neurodivergent movement.

I’m so excited to share my collaboration with Socolo with our community and bring you a range of products that aim to support you in your day-to-day life.

Dayna sitting at a desk with a planner, sickers and notepads, planning her day on blue paper.

Lots of love,

Dyslexicdayna x

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