Dayna's top 5 animal photos on her phone

Dayna's top 5 animal photos on her phone

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It’s no secret that Dayna loves animals, in particular dogs, cats and goats. So we thought we’d ask Dayna to share her top five pictures on her phone and introduce them to the world! However, Dayna did want to state she is unable to rank the five because they’re ‘all just too cute and asking me to choose a favourite is criminal’ so we had to agree but that doesn’t stop you from ranking them!

1. First up we have a half Persian all white kitty, Bella. 

White fluffy cat, curled up into a ball on some rocks.

“Bella was my childhood cat, she passed away four years ago but she remains forever in my mind and heart. She was sassy and beautiful and knew it!”

2. This is Freddie, my lockdown baby. Last year I went through some serious mental health issues and Freddie was bought by my parents to give me a sense of purpose. He is very vocal and loves scrambled eggs on toast! He also loves sleeping while I read the hobbit for the fourth time.

Black and white cat cuddled up to a person's lap and the novel "The Hobbit"

3. Next we have my nephew, Murphy. He is a puppy with lots of energy and this picture captures it perfectly!

Dayna kissing a long haired brown dog

4. Now onto one of the dogs that made me fall in love with dogs, Holly. She is a caramel cocker spaniel who is by my side all day every day waiting for me to throw her balls! She even makes an appearance in the planner! Can you spot her?

Light brown dog wearing black sunglasses, laying on a couch with a tennis ball.

5. Last but it least, we have Phoebe, our jack russell, who ‘loves love’- whilst having a tummy tickle she demands eye contact and will paw you accordingly if you do not obey! She also makes an appearance in the planner, can you spot her?

Small dog laying on it back with its tongue sticking out

We hope you enjoyed your journey through Daynas phone! Share your cute pet pictures on social media and tag us @dyslexicdayna #planwithdayna

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