Celebrating Two Colourful Years with Socolo!

Celebrating Two Colourful Years with Socolo!

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Dear friends and supporters,

Today is an exciting day at Socolo as we celebrate our second birthday! It feels like just yesterday that we embarked on this vibrant journey, and now I am are thrilled to share with you the incredible moments and milestones we've achieved over the past two years. It has been an incredible ride, and I couldn't have done it without your unwavering support.

  1. Online Store Launches
    I started Socolo because I could not believe that over 20 years after my diagnosis of Irlen syndrome and Dyslexia, colour paper notebooks were still incredibly hard to find. I decided to put my graphic design degree to good use and opened the e-commerce doors of Socolo 6 months after I got the idea for it. 

  2. Disability Expo London
    We kicked off Socolo's 2nd Birthday by proudly showcasing our neurodivergent-friendly stationery at the Disability Expo London. It was a moment of immense pride to connect with the neurodivergent and disability community and showcase our colourful and inclusive products

  3. Colour Overlay Rulers
    As part of our commitment to providing accessible tools, we introduced the Colour Overlay Rulers to our collection. We collaborated with Really Big Scissors (Shell) to create these rulers, ensuring that they catered to the unique needs of our diverse community. Shell came along with me to the London Disability Expo to offer free customisations to our visitors.  

  4. Collaboration with Identity Print
    We were honoured to work with Identity Print in Tunbridge Wells. They really understood our passion for neurodivergent-friendly stationery and help Socolo offer thicker and premium notebooks that are made locally.

  5. New Studio Space
    Socolo outgrew the humble beginnings of operating from my flat and moved into a vibrant artist studio in Deptford. This new space became my creative hub, allowing me to experiment and bring more colourful and innovative products to life.

  6. Collaboration with DyslexicDayna
    Socolo's first planner was a product of a wonderful collaboration with DyslexicDayna. Together, we designed a planner that caters to the specific needs of neurodivergent individuals, ensuring a seamless and empowering planning experience.

  7. TV Show Audition
    I was thrilled to be asked to audition for an exciting TV show opportunity, though we can't divulge any details. Got to love NDAs and contracts. Even though we ultimately did not get a place on the show, just being asked to audition is a recognition of our brand and products and is a testament to the impact we are making in the stationery industry.

  8. Middlesex University Inclusive Career Fair
    Participating in the Inclusive Career Fair at Middlesex University was an enriching experience. We had the opportunity to engage with students and share insights on asking for workplace accommodation, and building a creative career while emphasising the importance of inclusive design.

  9. Talks at the University of the Arts London and Enterprise Nation
    Socolo was honoured to be invited to give talks on inclusive design and navigating a creative career at both University of the Arts London and Enterprise Nation. Sharing our journey and expertise with aspiring artists and designers was incredibly fulfilling.

  10. New colours are added to the range
    Socolo first started out with pink paper notebooks because, quite frankly, I was not sure anyone was going to buy them... I figured I would have a lifetime supply of notebooks that work for me. I kept on adding colours to the range, and now Socolo is proud to offer 7 different colours of paper. 

  11. World Unmasking Day
    This day was created to raise awareness about how hard neurodivergent people work to integrate into the neurotypical world. We hosted a day full of free talks with different people from the neurodivergent community, as well as asked people to give unmaking a try for the day. It was great to see the community come together and share their experiences of masking and unmasking. 

  12. 100 sales!
    It took Socolo only a couple of days to make its first sale, but it took 2 years to make its 100th sale. Businesses don't share enough about the ups and downs of business, and I am guilty of this too. This is something that felt like I should not share because it took a long time, but it made me so happy to see this order. What a milestone!

These milestones are just a glimpse into the incredible journey we've had over the past two years. I owe Socolo's success to each and every one of you who has supported Socolo through your kind words, purchases, and spreading the word about our mission.

Looking ahead, I am are more determined than ever to continue our commitment to creating colourful, neurodivergent-friendly stationery. I have exciting plans in the works, including new collaborations, innovative products, and more opportunities to connect with our incredible community.

Thank you for being a part of this colourful journey with me. Your support has been invaluable, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for Socolo. Let's continue to spread joy, inclusivity, and creativity together!

With endless gratitude,

Chantal Gagnon
Founder - Socolo

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